Rob Duffy’s Tree Trail

Court Hey Park has some couple of dozen species specimen trees: many of no doubt recent provenance (from the end of the mid-1960’s onwards and thanks to the foresight of the plantsmen of Huyton-with-Roby-UDC followed by Knowsley BC ) the finest are to be found around the perimeter of the rose garden.

Prior to that one could speculate that the current populations of non-native Horse-Chestnut, Lime, Turkey Oak, Plane, Beech, Norway Maple and even Sycamore were planted by the Victorians as exotics. The Park has little conifer diversity, oddly.

There are only two good examples of the natural oak ‘climax’ woodland, for, despite the area being mainly rural until 1950, it has been landscaped since the 1830’s.

The Park is a good place to begin tree identification. It is sufficiently small to be encompassed in an afternoon and not overstocked with unusual trees to overwhelm the novice. To really know the Park’s trees would take several excursions and it has its curiosities.

R.F. Duffy

Thanks to Ben Deed for producing the map.

Dedicated to my parents.