Court Hey Park – Local Wildlife Site

Court Hey Park not only had the well-known former National Wildflower Centre in its parkland but also has a lesser-known Local Wildlife Site (LWS). It is a small area of parkland with woodland, stream and grassland habitats with an area of 3.05 hectares. For those who like map-reading, its grid reference is SJ 418901. It has been selected for its local nature conservation value which has created a lot of biological interest in its 11 habitats, 64 plant species and animals including Birds.
When the Biodiverse Society Project (Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Merseyside Biobank and Lancashire Environmental Record Network (LERN)) asked me to monitor the site and update wildlife records you can imagine my delight; I had brought my children and grandchildren to play in the park, become involved in the conservation activities of Merseyside Biobank, joined the committee of Friends of Court Hey Park and participated in the National Wildflower Centre events. However this survey was an opportunity to use habitat and species skills to ‘raise awareness’ of this important site as a refuge for wildlife.
Of the 11 habitats there is one BAP habitat which means that it is semi-natural and has been identified as being the most threatened and requiring conservation action under the Biodiversity action Plan UK, (BAP). Among the 64 wild plant species there is one plant that is protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 WCA Schedule 8.
The site is in public parkland and the goodwill of Knowsley Council and its commitment to its Green Spaces strategy has helped to protect Court Hey Park LWS and its place within ecological networks. Let us hope that the support continues long into the future.

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