Commercially Open Species Data

Some, most, perhaps even all of you will be aware of the very rapid changes the conservation sector is being put through at the moment. One of the biggest changes we are adapting to is the push for 'Open Data'.

The term Open Data means different things depending on your personal views, what you've read and or what organisation you work for! At its most fundamental, for me at least, i guess it means data that is available and visible to whoever wants or otherwise needs to use it.

NBN integration with local services; Making use of the NBN Gateway

Records generation

Merseyside BioBank is the Local Environmental Records Centre for North Merseyside. Opened in 2007 the initial project focused heavily on establishing community and education outreach. Designing a building and resources that could be used by schools and new recorders through to experienced naturalists. The legacy of this work still exists today through our local network of naturalist groups, expert recorders and material resources.

Nominations open for the 2017 UK NBN Awards

Nominations have opened for the 2017 UK Awards for Biological Recording and Information Sharing!

Developed in 2015 by the National Biodiversity Network, the National Forum for Biological Recording and the Biological Records Centre, these annual Awards celebrate the individuals, the newcomers and the groups of people or organisations that are making outstanding contributions to biological recording and improving our understanding of the natural world in the UK.

There are six categories of awards this year:

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