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MBB Database

For your information! As of today (14th June 2016) Merseyside BioBank database stats are as below. Note that these records may not all relate to North Merseyside and some may be considered 'failed' records. MBB has a policy of not deleting records that may be updated in the future (i.e. additional evidence provided to support the record). The records held here are a testament to the outstanding effort of local recorders and volunteers and your willingness to support the sharing of that information for the benefit of local wildlife conservation. 

I'll update in-frequently and/or at the request of MBAN members, volunteers and naturalists.

Names: 10,443
Surveys: 410
Species observations: 1,240,000
Habitat observations: 3,167

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MBB Database

Excellent news Ben - thank you. And, a big thank you to all the volunteers at MBB and all the naturalists who have passed their data on to yourselves - very much appreciated !!! Now we need to bring on board all the other naturalists who so far have not contributed their data.

And also get digitised all of the stuff we do have access to! There are thousands of records there that we have access to but have not yet incorporated. Comes down to lack of funding as always..
Districts update

Just pulling a report together. The latest district stats are;

  1. St Helens: 562,356
  2. Sefton: 273,575
  3. Liverpool: 119,439
  4. Knowsley: 119,023

You'll note from the previous stats in the MBAN FB group that Liverpool has now taken 3rd position from Knowsley!

St Helens continues to steam away from the pack.

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