The Role of Lichens

Join the Liverpool World Musesum for a fascinating talk about the importance of lichens in our world, by international expert Professor Mark Seaward. Lichens are a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an algae. There are around 20,000-30,000 species worldwide. They are sensitive to environmental change, and are used as bioindicators for pollution, climate change, and in habitat management.

Mark has a strong interest in biomonitoring pollution, particularly heavy metals and radionuclides, for which he has been internationally honoured.

Dr Phil Smith: Wildlife Notes May 2016

Dark Tussock (Dr Phil Smith)


With small amounts of rain on only nine days during the month, May reinforced a statistically significant trend of lower spring rainfall here since 2000. A recent paper in the International Journal of Climatology confirms this trend for the UK as a whole, linking it to atmospheric pressure changes over Greenland brought about by warming in this part of the Arctic, which then impacts the north Atlantic Jet-stream.

Hugh Harris: Carr Lane Lake, Prescot (SJ460921)

Carr Lane Lake (Hugh Harris)


Biodiverse Society Site Visit 19th May 2016: Carr Lane Lake is a modestly sized Local Wildlife Site near Prescot, Knowsley of 1.02 hectares. It is a wetland with a large area of open water which is unusual in Knowsley and it is fished. The site was cited as an LWS in 1995 for a diversity of 11 habitats, 2 regionally important species of plants and 5 locally rare species. 


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