Interactive Maps

Biodiversity hotspot map

While most of the work at Merseyside BioBank involves helping people to do wildlife recording and ensuring that information then gets imported and standardised as part of our information systems. We also like to try and visualise that information in ways that can help you as the recorder to see what is being achieved and also sometimes where the gaps are.

Sally Tapp: Secret life of Albert Dock

Greater Pipefish, full - Syngnathus acus (Sally Tapp)

As part of the Heritage on the Dock Festival 2016 we ran a Wildlife Discovery and Talk at Albert Dock in Liverpool, Merseyside. At the height of its power, Albert Dock was home to many international innovations, however, these were short-lived and it thrived for a mere half a century before its days were numbered.  The story of its regeneration and the subsequent colonisation by marine wildlife is both fascinating and a great illustration of the power of nature.


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