Everything we do is only possible through the support and input of an extensive network of volunteers throughout Merseyside and beyond. At every step we need input from volunteers from the volunteer experts who check to make sure the information we use is the best quality possible to the volunteer community groups and independent researchers who use the information we hold and our services to inform their conservation effort and scientific research.

Not least we rely on the volunteer recorders and citizen scientists, from novice to life-long naturalist, who share their wildlife information with us. More than this Merseyside BioBank relies on office based volunteers to help ensure that we continue to put all of that effort to best possible use through our links to the wider National Biodiversity Network and local decision taking and forward planning process.


Volunteer Biological Records Officer - Records Harvesting

  • Our 'bread and butter' is data and biological records are sent to us in a great variety of formats. This information has to be checked, extracted and reformatted so that it is suitable for use and can be imported into the main database. The Records Harvesting volunteer is our primary office based volunteering role.
  • Without volunteers carrying out this activity the species database is no longer being updated with as much information, particularly priority species data from planning or research, and there is an increasing risk that decisions are based on out of date evidence.
  • This role makes for useful work experience for individuals looking to develop I.T. and computing skills, gain experience in an office environment and learn to recognise and interpret information in technical reports. Requires an eye for detail!

Volunteer Biological Records Officer - GIS

  • Running parallel the need for species data is a developing recognition for the need to have standardised habitat information. For this we need volunteers to capture habitat information to high data quality standards, using recognised survey methodology and GIS software.
  • This data is then used to supplement district scale datasets ensuring that we keep as up to date as possible on the changing status of local habitat telling us what is rare and what is under threat.
  • This is a technical role and volunteers will gain experience in an office based environment, general I.T. and computing as well as training on basic G.I.S. Volunteers are encouraged to develop the role along their own interests.

Volunteer Database Officer

  • The VDO is responsible for the 'final' check and import of data into the primary Recorder 6 database. This is a technical role and requires a very sharp eye for detail, good judgment, the use of complex industry software and the ability to follow organisational protocols.

Merseyside BioBank Active Naturalist

  • MBAN was our answer to the loss of project funding in 2011 and an effort to establish formal and self-sustaining outreach. Rather than a local group that focused on a site or on a species group the idea behind MBAN was that its foremost interest would be biological recording. It would sit naturally between other groups and many members taking an interest in both a specific species group and also using MBAN membership to develop their skill as a good biological recorder.
  • As of 2017 a number of members have decided to take the group forward. Increasing its sustainability and independence of MBB itself. The group is looking for people willing to engage and actively contribute to the activity and running of the group
  • Find out more on their Facebook Group or contact us directly and we'll put you in touch.

Volunteer Projects

  • The project office role is available to those volunteers who want to use data or develop an interest that they have. This role may be split between the office and field surveys but is always self-led. Our part in this is to support the activity. Providing data and technical support to enable a volunteer to follow their own Merseyside/Biodiversity related interest. This role works particularly well where a student is taking on Masters Dissertation study or has applied to carry out other funded, biodiversity research.

Website Maintenance

  • The Merseyside BioBank website, and our associated project websites, requires regular checks and updating. The site is our primary means of engagement and resourcing of the recording community holding a wealth of resource and information as well as delivering ways for volunteers and the public to share information. This is a technical role and would require volunteers interested in developing web based skills.

Software and Application Developer

  • In addition to the website there are a range of other applications (web or phone) that we have developed in the past but are no longer operate on the latest platforms. We would be keen to hear from potential volunteers who would like to develop biodiversity related programs or applications and would like to work with us to deliver their work.