Movement and Plan Relating To This Project ?

Hi Ben,

Is there any further information on this project - when it is likely to kick-start, how it will run, what training opportunities there will be, any hints on collection, any plans for map release (interactive ?), any plans for a photographic  element (e.g. a Flickr account) ??


Hi Steve,

A VC59 interactive map is actually already in draft existence though i am yet to upload what (little) data is available for VC59 and work through some of the kinks (

I have the data from the national scheme and the general stamp of approval to go ahead. I also have some interest from Gary at the Tanyptera Project/World Museum in a VC59 checklist, something with i intend on pursuing. If you are itching to get going (just seen Shropshire are on the verge of completing 100% coverage!) i would be happy to ID specimens.

The collection method likely to be used by most will be the same as the Shropshire method and we're initially looking at quadrants (5km) fo rmapping tetrads for recording ( though i will be looking to a use a more structured method ultimately which will probably include a standard surface soil core and the recording simple immediate 'habitat' to give the sample context.

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I have made a tentative start.  Samples already taken from leaf-litter at Allerton Towers (SJ41628612) on 16/11/2017 and from Dunelm Car Park, Speke Road (A561), Garston (SJ40788442) on 17/11/2017.  Am considering going out today (20/11/2017) to attempt to get some strandline material for sieving from Crosby Beach - would be good to get some littoral species.


Great news Steve, i look forward to taking a look. I'll re-visit getting a (very) basic checklist together on current data with accompanying maps before too long. The Tanyptera project is looking at a session at the World Museum towards the end of Feb next year and i definitely want to have things in place before then!

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Good news Ben - I will definitely look forward to the interactive map as it would be good to know which areas have no records at all.  Any chance of a Google type map (zoomable) with an overlay of the tetrad squares (I assume the project will be running at Tetrads?) ?

A session on Collembola via the Tayptera Project at Liverpool Musuem also sounds superb and you can definitely count me in as being there (if I can) and should think Susan as well.  Many thanks to yourself and to Gary !!

Cheers and thanks,