First for Britain...?

In the September MBAN newsletter was an article by our go to mycologist Tony Carter. At the end of the article Tony provided us with an exciting cliffhanger

"Finally, a find that makes the subject of mycology so interesting and exciting. The Manager of Ainsdale Sand Dunes Reserve sent me a photograph of a fungus for identification. Mystified, I paid a visit and found a couple more. They are tiny at 2cms. Unknown to me and nothing in my books. No sugges-tions when I posted it on the web forums.
We believe it to be a Cotylidia (Rosette), possibly an American species not previously recorded in the UK. It has been sent to Kew Herbarium for DNA sequencing and determination. Watch this space."

I have now been informed by Tony that he has had a reply from Kew. While not a confirmation of it's identity, like all good stories we shall have to wait a little longer for that.

"...for the time being I’m determining it as Stereopsis reidii which would be new to Britain and apparently rarely recorded anywhere in Europe...." 

For confirmation (or otherwise) the specimen is being sent for DNA sequencing at Kew. The hope being that it can be matched to the DNA of an already confirmed member of this species. We will have to wait for the next chapter to this story but for me at least i suddenly have an urge to visit the Dunes and look for some small white fungi!

Mystery fungus (Pete Gahan)