Provisional Atlas

A quick note to say that a provisional online Atlas for VC59 Springtails is now operational and has been updated with all of the National Recording Scheme data for the Vice-county (data provided by Peter Shaw 2016, i know it has taken a while!).

The map can currently be found here:

It is identical to the map used by the Shropshire Tomorrow's Biodiversity Springtail Atlas Project. Ask here if you have any questions on the Provisional Atlas.

Now that it is working the intention is to start uploading new data for feedback, as soon as possible.

stevemcbill's picture

Hi Ben,

The provisional Springtail Atlas is great - many thanks for that - cannot wait to see the data being added and the overall distribution pictures begin to emerge from the data.

Can I ask whether there is any chance of a list of people currently involved in teh project and in what fashion/status ??

Many thanks.